Katerina Zbortkova is a Czech born contemporary artist who attained a degree in Illustration and Visual Media at the University of the Arts London. She lived in London for 10 years and after her graduation in 2015 she spent her time working as a framing specialist in Notting Hill until 2019 when she moved to Prague to fully devote herself to her art practice. There she prepared for various exhibitions and began her journey of ever enhancing perspectives.

Katerina’s art explores the act of story telling across a plethora of media, tackling edgy topics within the framework of often kitsch and surrealist compositions. Her work is known for turning the obsequious into the absurd whilst maddening the sublime.

Throughout her work she perpetually weaves an eclectic tapestry, creating a thread of contemporary affairs that incorporate psychological case studies and social commentary. In her recent work she shifts the focus towards the laws of nature and traditionalism, creating scenes that she manifests into her own world.

Humour, attention to detail, and symbolism give depth and longevity to her paintings. In her vibrant scenes the characters move to centre stage and literally reach out beyond the canvas, communicating directly with the spectator.

Katerina’s artistic expression combines abstraction with self-awareness. Her training as an illustrator gave a cutting edge to her craft, meticulous observation and introspection creating an outstanding harmony of logic and emotional power.

Katerina is tenacious in her quest to achieve quality and meaning within her work. She is abundantly creative and imaginative, allied to the precision of excellent illustration techniques exemplified by creators such as Tony Dyson and Saatchi & Saatchi PR operations. She is a highly talented artist with a keen eye for combining the surreal with the politically astute. Her works are fun, provocative and always eye catching. She’s certainly one to keep an eye on (Adam Garrie, Political Analyst for RT).